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Same Day? This is for you!


Your big day is coming, how exciting!  At Colour North we specialize in wedding cinematography and Same Day Edits.  Beyond just specializing in it, we love it!  Documenting couples has to be one of the most rewarding experiences, every story is unique and we love having the opportunity to share your story to the world.  Let us "wow" you and your guests on your wedding day, because nobody does a Same Day Edit like us!


What is a Same Day Edit?


Simply, it's your wedding video, shown on your wedding day!  Hold on!  Allow me to explain this seemingly nonsensical idea...  Our team will film you preparing for your wedding, your ceremony and your photo session.  Our on site editor will compile and build an approximate 10 minute highlight reel documenting your day.  We aim to show your video in the evening, just in time to kick off your party!  Do you want to share your video with family and friends?  No problem, we will upload your video the next day!  


How did it happen?


When we started to assess wedding videos a few things stood out:


• They are way too long.

• The turnaround is months, sometimes a year!

• The quality is poor.


What we did was build a team of professional editors and cinematographers who work in the television industry and use professional cinema grade equipment.  We asked ourselves, "Why don’t we show a film on the day of the wedding?" The Same Day Edit was born!  No more wait times and 2 hour videos that no one wants to sit through.  See yourself like never before with a Same Day Edit North by Colour North


Price list:


Please contact us at for a full wedding price list.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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